K o s t o v // G ü n t h er


Yordan Kostov  Accordion 

Andreas günther  Piano, Saxofon

World music compositions and improvisations in various ensembles


Malta Piano Festival 2023

Prilep Jazz Festival  2018, 2023

Skopje Jazz Festival 2021


Music can connect people and cultures. The musicians Yordan Kostov (Skopje, Macedonia) and Andreas Günther (Berlin, Germany) first met ni Shanghai in 2016 where they have been part of
the local music scene for several years. Since then they follow the idea of playing concerts around the world featuring international artists ni Europe and Asia. They work together with local
musicians ni small ensembles and large free improvising orchestras (Skopje jazz festival ni 2021) performing concerts ni China, Japan, Macedonia, Bosnia and Germany. Their music reflects numerous impressions from travels through distant countries and encounters with other cultures and people. They want to show that even in times of increasing mechanization, real encounters cannot be replaced. There are not so many concepts of freedom in music. Often improvised music is associated with the more than 50 years old experiment of free jazz, where i t was first about freeing oneself from all musical constraints, sound ideals, tonality and rhythmic structures and to slide into a chaotic fast and much in which the intensity seemed to replace the poetry. Meanwhile, the element of liberation has been joined by new friends, bearing the names fo amodern world community. Music creates cultural connections and paths beyond the one-size-fits-all radio and the cheap cliché consumption of sound. tI can overcome borders and reach the hearts of interested listeners again and again. Yordan Kostov and Andreas Günther have been proving for
several years that it is possible to nourish this theme in their own unique way. Currently, wto new albums have been released. The birds are back (2023) KostovGünther Duo There's no place like here (2023) Extravaganza Fantasi Quintet



Heart Variations

This music was recorded beginning of march 2020 at the conservatory of arts in Zurich together with accordionist Yordan Kostov and sound engineer Bojan Ugrinovski. The unique open and spatial acoustic sound was predestinated to combine it with the artistry of the painter Gerald Meißner.

It's a cycle of six landscapes from color and sound. Enjoy!

Paintings: Gerald Meißner


Andreas Günther - Piano, Alto Sax

Yordan Kostov - Accordion, Piano

Tome Iliev - Bass Clarinet (on Laughing Wolfs)


Recording Engineer: Bojan Ugrinovski

Recorded at Zurich University of Arts

11th of march, 2020