Andreas Günther - keys, saxophone, compositions


current projects:


Yordan Kostov - Accordeon     //    Andreas Günther - Piano & Saxophone


2020 Dates:  

12.03. Grete / Hamburg

14.03. S//S//V  Itzehoe  feat. Alex Gibson (tr)

15.03. Tisch & Stuhl / Hamburg  feat. Daniel Meyer (git)

18.03. West Gemany / Berlin  feat. D. Meyer (git), M. Pedrazzi (synth)

20.03. Altes Theater / Heidelberg  feat. Erik Jünge (git) 

21.03. Wohnzimmer Konzert / Heidelberg  feat. Erik Jünge (git)

22.03. M.A.M.P.F. / Frankfurt  feat. Erik Jünge (git)


  New Music: Heart Variations:  click here...

Meirano/Günther - Free improvisations


The music played by piano player Gabriele Meirano and Andreas on saxophone and flute is shifting between contemporary classical music and direct, unleashed free jazz. 


Listen to the new album BRANCHES!





- CHEKOV -    chillin' jazz from outa space


This band combines electronic music with jazz improvisation. Spherical sound collages of samples, loops and beats form the basis for the improvisation

of the live band.

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TDS - live electronic trio 


Transdimensional Space (TDS) is an experimental electronic fusion band. The trio's sound is characterized by wide use of electronic sounds and effects, funk-inflected breakbeats, experimentel textures and improvisation. TDS blends jazz, funk,

drum'n'bass, electroacoustic and moon music into a unique, trippy experience.

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The SonicSisters


My first Shanghai-based band!

Alec Haavik - sax, flute, bass clarinet,

Toby Mac - trumpet, flugelhorn

Jalill Auckbaraullee - drums,

Atze Ton - electric bass

Andreas Günther - keys/composition

Album: Electric Pudel