Andreas Günther - keys, saxophone, composition


current projects:


Yordan Kostov


The Macedonian accordion player and composer Yordan Kostov is coming to Germany in May. He's performing concerts and artistic projects around Europe, Asia and South- America.

His contemporary compositional work often includes special instruments, open improvisations, electronic noise and as well the typical balkan flavour of his origin Macedonia.

His musical conceptions go from small accordion jazz groups

to large ensembles and compositions for choir and orchestra,

sometimes also with a DJ being part of the show.

His highly intense music leads to unidentified places of surreality, transforming sweet melodies into complex polytonal sounds.



Yordan Kostov - FAYA


Dai Guo - pipa

Yordan Kostov - accordion

Alec Haavik - clarinet

Andreas Günther - piano

Fred Grenade - electric bass


May 5th - Wesel: 

Exhibition opening:

so nah - und doch so fern“
Diasporasitorische Heimatbilder- Malerei
Kunstwerkstatt Hans- Jürgen Schröder

special guest: Stephan Brandel - Violine


May 11th - Duisburg:


Irene Heimbach


May 18 - Bremen:

St. Lukas

Kirchengemeinde Grolland

+ Chor


May 19th - Berlin:

Prima Center Berlin, Biesentaler Str. 24, 13359 Berlin

Exhibition finissage:

"Konversationen" von Nikola Smilkov (Mazedonien)


May 24th - Berlin:

West Germany, Skalitzer Str. 133, 10999 Berlin

special guest: Daniel Meyer - guitar





As a member of the international art-collective

THE POLYMORPH EXTRA, whose founder is the french saxophone player Quentin Paquignon we released the award winning music video -Leonor's Lullaby- in 2017. Check it out!


- CHEKOV - chillin' jazz from outa space


This band combines electronic music with jazz improvisation.

Spheric sound collages of samples, loops and beats form

the basis for the improvisation of the live band.

TDS - live electronic trio 


Transdimensional Space (TDS) is an experimental electronic fusion band. The trio's sound is characterized by wide use of electronic sounds and effects, funk-inflected breakbeats, experimentel textures and improvisation. TDS blends jazz, funk,

drum'n'bass, electroacoustic and moon music into a unique, trippy experience.

Meirano/Günther - Free improvisations


The music played by piano player Gabriele Meirano and Andreas on saxophone and flute is shifting between contemporary classical music and direct, unleashed free jazz. 

Together they played at 577 Forward Festival in New York in 2016. They recently did a new recording which will be released soon.


Listen:   1. Colored minds    2. Walking and Talking

The SonicSisters


My first Shanghai-based band!

Alec Haavik - sax, flute, bass clarinet,

Toby Mac - trumpet, flugelhorn

Jalill Auckbaraullee - drums,

Atze Ton - electric bass

Andreas Günther - keys/composition

Album: Electric Pudel