Extravaganza Fantasi - Tour May 2018  Listen to the tracks:

Extravaganza Fantasi

Walking towards new directions and understand changes as an importent and necessary part of life and cultural development.

Perhaps this could be the meaning of these words.

Music can connect people and cultures. The musicians Yordan Kostov (Macedonia) and Andreas Günther (Germany) first met in Shanghai. Now they follow this idea and play concerts around the world featuring international artists.

In May 2018 they played a bunch of concerts in Germany.

You can listen to some recordings from their tour on the music player above.




Yordan Kostov - The Macedonian accordion player and composer Yordan Kostov performs concerts and artistic projects around Europe, Asia and South- America.

His contemporary compositional work often includes special instruments, open improvisations, electronic noise and as well the typical balkan flavour of his origin Macedonia.

His musical conceptions go from small accordion jazz groups

to large ensembles and compositions for choir and orchestra,

sometimes also with a DJ being part of the show.

His highly intense music leads to unidentified places of surreality, transforming sweet melodies into complex polytonal sounds.



 August 31st
Shanghai Intense
Prilep Jazz festival


August 29th

Shanghai Intense

Club Mash Sarajevo


 July 27th

Yordan Kostov Quartett

Bruklinski Bistro, Scopje


July 26th

Shadows and Clouds


Theater, Scopje


 July 22nd

Extravaganza Fantasi

Take 5 Jazz Club, Prilep


 July 21st

Extravaganza Fantasi

Lokum Fest, Bitula



May 25th - Berlin:

Prima Center Berlin, Biesentaler Str. 24, 13359 Berlin

        Exhibition Vernissage: Celebrating Infinity

by Ana Ivanovska

special guest:

Leo Henry Koch - Drums



May 24th - Berlin:

West Germany - Kunstraum

Skalitzer Str. 133, 10999 Berlin

Why you talk! Ne Lafi!

Yordan Kostov - Accordion

Andreas Günther - Sax, Flute, Synth

special guests:

Daniel Meyer - Guitar

Leo Henry Koch - Drums



May 19th - Berlin:

Prima Center Berlin, Biesentaler Str. 24, 13359 Berlin

Exhibition finissage:

"Konversationen" von Nikola Smilkov (Mazedonien)

Special guest: Stephan Brandel - Violin



May 18th - Bremen:

St. Lukas, Kirchengemeinde Grolland

specials guests:

Martin Gruet - Double Bass

+ Choir special:
Susanne Günther - Vocals
Kristina Schönbeck - Vocals
Cerstin Kratzsch - Vocals



May 17th - Bremen:

Feldschlößchen - live music bar

Feldstraße 7, 28203 Bremen



May 11th - Duisburg:


Irene Heimbach

special guest: Gereon Basso - Percussion



May 5th - Wesel

Exhibition opening:

„so nah - und doch so fern“
Diasporasitorische Heimatbilder- Malerei
Kunstwerkstatt Hans- Jürgen Schröder

special guest: Stephan Brandel - Violin