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New album:

Sonic Sisters - Wuxing Lu Tapes    

Out now! The new album and crisis edition for: 20,21€ 


1. Human Algorhythm (5:38) 

2. Lazy Astronaut (4:48)

3. Emu Vibes (6:14)

4. Cosmic Surf (4:37)

5. The Sand (6:57)

6. Next Stop Music (4:22)

7. Metroplan (6:56)

8. Dark Nature (7:11)


Sonic Sisters - a band from Shanghai!


Listen to eighteen musicians from the Shanghai jazz scene.

Every tune features different soloists and singers.

You will find the bass players Fred Grenade and Atze Ton,

 the great drummers Nick McBride, Gil De Hovre and Jalill Auckbaraullee, plus exceptional percussionist Leonardo Susi. 

The album presents the outstanding Shanghai soloists Toby Mac on trumpet, Alec Haavik on tenor sax, Quentin Paquignon on soprano sax and many more...

The download includes 320kbits mp3s, WAVs, artwork and additional information about the band.