Yordan Kostov - Accordion

Andreas Günther - Piano & Saxophone



Heart Variations

Extravaganza Fantasi


Welcome to the world of world music. Modern

compositions and improvisations in various ensembles.

Keys: Andreas Günther  Bass: Fred Grenade   Drums: Leonardo Susi 

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Saxofon & e-Gitarre



Jakob Perko and Andreas Günther  play their own tunes where ever they are... in the middle of the street. Check out the Pergünth vibe of Duo!





Mobile Blues Club

 The Sonic Sisters



This international band includes many musicians from the Shanghai music scene.

Electric groove jazz  




Electric Pudel

Wuxing Lu Tapes


 TDS - live electronic trio 


Transdimensional Space (TDS) is an experimental electronic fusion band. The trio's sound is characterized by wide use of electronic sounds and effects, funk-inflected breakbeats, experimentel textures and improvisation. TDS blends jazz, funk,

drum'n'bass, electroacoustic and moon music into a unique, trippy experience.

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