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June 3rd

onStage club Shanghai






Transdimensional Space (TDS)


is a Shanghai-based experimental electronic fusion band.8

The trio's sound is characterized by wide use of electronic

sounds and effects, funk-inflected breakbeats,

experimental textures and improvisation.

TDS blends jazz, funk, drum n bass,

electroacoustic and moon music
into a unique, trippy experience.

DDC Club Beijing

April 17th





Nathaniel Gao - Sax

Jiang Ke  - Bass

Xiao Dou - Drums

Andreas Günther - Keys

Xu Fengxia & Andreas Günther


April 9th 2016

9pm at the Hausschuh

30 & 31 March

9pm - 10 pm

JZ club

March 10 & 30  2016, 9pm

Live in Woodenbox Shanghai


Kiki & Andreas

March 9th 2016, 9pm

Live in Woodenbox Shanghai




Chad Romero vocals

Yordan Kostov accordeon

Andreas Günther piano/sax

Xiongguan Zhang Quintet


February 15th 2016


9.30pm at JZ club


20th degree

16th of March 9pm

at Woodenbox - Shanghai

Steinar Nickelsen// synth, piano     Andreas Günther// flute, synth


20˚ does processing sound and noise thru diverse ideas of music.

Like brewing a beer the creation of music is a process which needs time,

attention and the right temper..


Jordan Kostov's Paperkillers


Sunday, Jan. 17th 2016

9.30pm Yin Yang club



Chad Romero & The Cadillacs


Saturday Jan 16th 2016

9pm at Inferno