dates 2018:

22nd of September

ZART - Yokohama




Yordan Kostov accordion (Macedonia),

Andreas Gunther sax (Germany),

Marcos Fernandes percussion



28th of September
Ogikubo, Tokyo




Yordan Kostov (accordion,piano)
Andreas Günther (t-sax,flute,piano)
蜂谷真紀 Maki Hachiya (vocal)
岩見継吾 Keigo Iwami(bass)
池澤龍作 Ryusaku Ikezawa(drums)

29th of September

1st of October Knuttel House (Tokyo, Iriya)


[Experimental/ Improvisation]
Yoridan Kostov: piano
Andress Gunther: sax
koyu: bass
Takashi Hayashi: guitar


start 20:00

4th of October - SHINAGAWA DIVERS


Yordan Kostov (accordion,piano)
Andreas Günther (t-sax,flute,piano)

蜂谷真紀 Maki Hachiya(vo,voice,piano)
北 陽一郎 Youichiro Kita(trumpet)
立花秀樹 Hideki Tachibana (a-sax)
吉田隆一 Ryuichi Yoshida(b-sax)
Gideon Juckes (tuba)
林 隆史 Takashi Hayashi(e-guitar)
直江実樹 Miki Naoe(radio)
吉野弘志 Hiroshi Yoshino(bass)
Marcos Fernandes(perc)
Fumi Watsnabe(drums)

Shanghai Intense is a music group including international artists from China, Germany, Macedonia and Bosnia. They play improvised music shifting between modern Jazz, Avantgarde, and Worldmusic. Chinese drummer Feng Hao and Macedonian accordion player Yordan Kostov first met in Shanghai some years ago. Together with German saxophone player Andreas Günther who has been living in Shanghai for some years and bass player Dinko Simunovic from Bosnia they form this band that will present new compositions from around the world.

31st of August - Shanghai Intense

International Prilep Jazz Weekend


Coming soon:


Jason Herbert - Guitarist from Auckland, New Zealand


Jason Herbert is a professional guitarist, composer, and arranger based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Jason has brought his unique sound and style to venues all over the country with a huge variety of musical acts, and has shared the stage with some of New Zealand’s most talented and acclaimed musicians. Since graduating from Victoria University in 2016 with a BMus (Jazz Performance), he has been in

high demand as a versatile session guitarist and applies his skills to a broad range of musical projects.

Jason is currently musical director and guitarist for Auckland soul/funk group Mister Speaker, and regularly performs as a guitarist and vocalist with Hipstamatics, Two Many Chiefs, Ijebu Pleasure Club, Boom Boom Deluxe, and The Lou’ana Whitney Band.


12. September 2018  Musikinitiative,  Bremen


18. September 2018  Freundlich + Kompetent, Hamburg


27. Juni 2019 - PianoGalerie Berlin


Quentin Paquignon - soprano sax (Paris)

Andreas Günther - piano