6. Mai, Hamburg - Kunstkate Volksdorf

Special Guests: Alex Gibson(tp), Martin Gruet(db), Janco Bystron(perc)


12. Mai, Berlin - Wedding Jam


14/15. Mai, Moers - www.kulturprojekte-niederrhein.de


19. Mai 2022, Frankfurt(Main) - JazzLokal MAMPF

Special Guest: Erik Jünge (git)


20. Mai 2022, Heidelberg - Café YilliY


21. Mai 2022, Heidelberg


27. Mai 2022, Duisburg


28/29. Mai, Wesel - Total Lokal



Yordan Kostov - Accordion

Andreas Günther - Piano & Saxophone



Heart Variations

Extravaganza Fantasi


Welcome to the world of world music. Modern

compositions and improvisations in various ensembles.


Heart Variations

This music was recorded beginning of march 2020 at the conservatory of arts in Zurich together with accordionist Yordan Kostov and sound engineer Bojan Ugrinovski. The unique open and spatial acoustic sound was predestinated to combine it with the artistry of the painter Gerald Meißner.

It's a cycle of six landscapes from color and sound. Enjoy!

Paintings: Gerald Meißner


Andreas Günther - Piano, Alto Sax

Yordan Kostov - Accordion, Piano

Tome Iliev - Bass Clarinet (on Laughing Wolfs)


Recording Engineer: Bojan Ugrinovski

Recorded at Zurich University of Arts

11th of march, 2020


 Live at Prilep Jazz Weekend 2018

1 hour of free improvised music The opening concert from the Jazz festival in Prilep North Macedonia

available on download and streaming services

in high quality resolution 24bit/48khz

 Extravaganza Fantasi by Kostov//Günther


available on download and streaming services in high quality resolution 24bit/48khz

for example here:



Music can connect people and cultures. The musicians Yordan Kostov (Macedonia) and Andreas Günther (Germany) first met in Shanghai.

There they performed music together with local musicians in small groups and big free improvised orchestras like Huangpu Divers or Paperkillers.

Since then they follow the idea of playing concerts around the world featuring international artists. In 2018 Yordan and Andreas played concerts in Macedonia, Bosnia, Germany and Japan. In every country they featured local musician to perform their music together with them.  

The album Extravaganza Fantasi was recorded 2018 in Berlin on May 21st at the Golden Wall Studio from famous audio engineer and producer Mario Fister. Together with local musicians Daniel Meyer (electric guitar) and Leo Henry Koch (drums) they recorded a mix of composed and improvised songs. The artwork is made by Friedrich Drescher.






Concert dates 2018:


 04. 10. 2018 - SHINAGAWA DIVERS

                           Yordan Kostov (accordion,piano)
                           Andreas Günther (t-sax,flute,piano)

                           Nao Lizuka: (flute)

                          Hisao Fukushima: (guitar)

                                   蜂谷真紀 Makl Harchiyda(voc)
                                   Gideon Juckes (tuba)
                                   林 隆史 Takashi Hayashi(e-guitar)
                                   直江実樹 Miki Naoe(radio)
                                   吉野弘志 Hiroshi Yoshino(bass)
                                   Marcos Fernandes(perc)
                                  Fumi Watsnabe (drums)

         03. 10. 2018  German Embassy in Tokyo

                                 celebration of Reunion day

         01. 10. 2018  Knuttel House (Tokyo, Iriya)

                                  [Experimental/ Improvisation]
                                  Y. Kostov: piano, A. Gunther: sax
                                  koyu: bass, Takashi Hayashi: guitar

         29. 09.2018  - Art Gallery  Y. Kostov/A.Günther

                          Nao Lizuka: flute

                          Hisao Fukushima: guitar

                          Genzoh Takehisa: Piano

 22. 09. 2018  ZART - Yokohama, Japan

                                  Ayako Kanda vocals (Japan), Y. Kostov, A. Günther,

                                  Marcos Fernandes percussion (Japan)

         31. 08. 2018   Shanghai Intense Prilep, Jazz festival

                          Y. Kostov, Dine Doneff, A. Günther

29. 08. 2018  Shanghai Intense Club Mash, Sarajevo

                         Dinko Simunovic, Feng Hao, Y. Kostov, A. Günther

27. 07. 2018  Bruklinski Bistro, Scopje

                        Yordan Kostov Quartett

26. 07. 2018  Theater, Scopje

                         Shadows and Clouds www.shadowsandclouds.net

22. 07. 2018   Extravaganza Fantasi  Take 5 Jazz Club, Prilep

21. 07. 2018   Extravaganza Fantasi Lokum Fest, Bitula

25. 05. 2018   Gallery Prima Center Berlin

                        Celebrating Infinity by Ana Ivanovska

                        special guest: Leo Henry Koch - Drums

24. 05. 2018  Kunstraum West Germany 

               Why you talk! Ne Lafi!

                         Y. Kostov - Accordion A. Günther - Sax, Flute, Synth

                         special guests: Daniel Meyer - Guitar, Leo H. Koch - Drums

19. 05. 2018   Gallery Prima Center Berlin

                         "Konversationen" von Nikola Smilkov (Mazedonien)

                         special guest: Stephan Brandel - Violin

 18. 05. 2018  Kirche St. Lukas, Bremen

                         specials guests: Martin Gruet - bass

                         + Choir special: Susanne Günther - Vocals
                         Kristina Schönbeck - Vocals
                         Cerstin Kratzsch - Vocals

17. 05. 2018   music bar Feldschlößchen, Bremen

       11. 05. 2018  Duisburg  Kitchen-Concerts

                         Irene Heimbach

                         special guest: Gereon Basso - Percussion

 05. 05. 2018 - Wesel  Exhibition

                         „so nah - und doch so fern“
                         Diasporasitorische Heimatbilder- Malerei
                         Kunstwerkstatt Hans- Jürgen Schröder

                         special guest: Stephan Brandel - Violin